How to obtain a Hannaford Rewards Number

You can sign up for a Hannaford Rewards Number by going to the Hannaford website and following the instructions below.

1. .Go to “Sign In/Sign Up,” and click on “Sign Up.”

2. Enter your contact information.

3. After selecting a password, click “Get Started.”

4. Under “My Account,” click “My Hannaford Rewards.”

5. In the left-hand menu, click on “Account Settings.”

6. Your Hannaford Rewards Number is listed under the “Personal Information” heading.

When you (or the primary Hannaford shopper in your household) check out at Hannaford, enter the phone number associated with the account at the register. You/the primary Hannaford shopper in your household can also download the Hannaford app, link it to the account you just created, and scan the bar code when checking out. The rewards program provides a 2% discount on some items, as well as targeted coupons.

8. When you have obtained a Hannaford Rewards Number, return to the NHS3 questionnaire in your other browser tab.