For researchers

The Nurses’ Health Studies encourage use of their questionnaires and biospecimens by external collaborators, consortia, and pooling projects.

Details and guidelines for collaboration are available on the Nurses’ Health Study website.

The BWH/Harvard Cohorts Biorepository houses more than 3.2 million biological specimens from participants in the Nurses’ Health Studies and other prestigious cohort studies.

Sample types include plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells, whole blood, urine, DNA, toenails, hair, stool, saliva, archival tumor tissue, and mammography images. These samples are a valuable and finite resource. All specimen research results are reported to the Biorepository and linked to remaining aliquots over time, resulting in specimen collections rich with more than 30 years of investigational and reported data.

The Biorepository welcomes new collaborations and strives to make their establishment as simple and transparent as possible, while maximizing their scientific yield. For more information, visit