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Since the first Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) began in the 1970s, the information provided by its 238,000 dedicated participants has led to much of what we know today about health and disease.

A historic study, a nursing tradition

Findings from NHS have guided the World Health Organization and US Surgeon General in developing new guidelines and policies. Medical care and public health have been transformed as a result of participants’ contributions.

In 2016, marking the 40th anniversary of the Nurses’ Health Studies, a special issue of the American Journal of Public Health was dedicated to honoring the studies’ achievements. All of the articles are open access and freely available for download.

Looking forward, building on the past

NHS3 is the new generation of the Nurses’ Health Studies. Today’s nurses come from diverse backgrounds. Men are increasingly part of what was once a mostly female profession, and many female nurses now choose to have families and careers. Technology has taken a place at the bedside, and health care systems grow increasingly complex.  Stress and workplace factors affect nurses’ health. The environments in which they live do as well.

Streamlined, technology-based participation

Participation in NHS3 is entirely online, making it easy and convenient for busy nurses to participate on their preferred devices. We’re using smartphones, apps, and wearable devices to collect detailed real-time data.

Expanded data

Times change, and so do our lives. Researchers are eager to learn more about the long-term effects of nutrition, hormones, environment, and nurses’ work life on health and mental wellbeing. We’re looking at fertility and pregnancy outcomes, social factors, and the effects of the environment—air pollution and ultraviolet radiation, walkability and greenspace—across generations.

Emphasis on diversity

Racial and ethnic minorities continue to be disproportionately affected by disease, and NHS3 is actively seeking the participation of nurses from diverse backgrounds to gather much-needed data to assist in addressing health disparities.

Be part of a world-renowned group of nurses

Every time you read about a medical breakthrough that resulted from the Nurses’ Health Studies, you’ll know you contributed. The study’s achievements and findings are regularly posted on the original Nurses’ Health Studies website.

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