Here at NHS3, one of our ongoing goals is to investigate how different factors affect fertility and pregnancy. Timing is important; our questionnaires aim to paint a more complete picture of your habits and experiences before, during, and after pregnancy. During major life moments, things can change quickly. We can learn the most by asking about your experiences as they unfold. 

You may remember that on every main questionnaire we have asked: “Are you currently pregnant,” and “Are you actively trying to become pregnant, or do you think that you may become pregnant at some point within the next year?”  Regular repetition of these questions helps us capture detailed information about your health in real time. Your answers to pregnancy-related questions also provide important context to your responses in other content areas (It makes sense that pregnancy affects your sleep, mood, and eating habits!).

Those who indicate they are pregnant or may become pregnant are eligible for the NHS3 Pregnancy Health Sub-study, which is specially designed to collect accurate, timely data related to pregnancy. Participants who opt in receive personally-timed follow-up questionnaires on topics ranging from how they manage stress to what they eat for breakfast. 

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, make sure to opt in on your next NHS3 questionnaire.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions! Your feedback helps shape our questionnaires. Thanks to participant comments, we are making questionnaires more personalized and ensuring participants see the questions that are most relevant to them.

Thank you again for your participation – we couldn’t do this research without you!