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Mobile health study

NHS3’s innovative Mobile Health Research Study is using smartphones and wearable devices to explore the interrelationship of physical activity, sleep, and the environmental factors that might influence these behaviors. The age of the NHS3 cohort allows us to investigate the key period when behaviors most influence cancer etiology. The study is funded by the National Cancer Institute.

Participants who enroll are provided with a Fitbit, which they wear for seven consecutive days, four times over the course of a year. This generates an enormous quantity of detailed data, which is then used for subsequent analysis. This approach costs a fraction of the amount required by more traditional research methods and is a promising advancement in research methodology.

The study will enroll a randomly selected subsample of 500 NHS3 participants who meet eligibility criteria, which include having an iPhone and not having any sleep disorders. An average of 100 participants will be enrolled per year for five years. Interest in the study is so great that it’s sometimes a challenge to keep adequate numbers of Fitbits on hand!

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