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Maternal health, maternal biology sub-study

The Maternal Health, Maternal Biology Sub-Study is designed to help us better understand the interplay between mind and body just before and during pregnancy. Participants who enroll are asked to donate blood and hair samples once during pregnancy, and, if possible, a blood sample before pregnancy.

Participants will be asked about factors that may affect mind and body, including personality traits, early life events, and complementary and alternative health practices.

The study is funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am using assisted reproduction techniques, am I eligible for the study?

Yes, you are eligible.

I am intending to become pregnant in the next year. When should I give blood?

As soon as you let us know you intend to become pregnant, we will invite you to participate in the Maternal Health, Maternal Biology Sub-Study. If you enroll, we will send you the materials needed to have your blood collected within a week or two at a nearby Quest Diagnostics Laboratory.

I am already pregnant.  Can I participate?

Yes, if you are less than 23 weeks pregnant, you are eligible to enroll in the study.

I just found out I am pregnant.  When should I give blood?

As soon as you know you are pregnant, please let us know. We are aiming to collect blood and hair samples around pregnancy weeks 10 to 15, but you are eligible to donate through pregnancy week 25.

After I get the blood collection kit, how soon should I get my blood drawn?

When you receive the kit, please call Quest Diagnostics for a blood draw appointment.  Ideally, you would have your blood drawn within one to two weeks of receiving the kit.

I don’t know if there is a Quest Diagnostics center near me.

In your participation kit, you will receive instructions about setting up an appointment near you.  You may also visit the Quest Diagnostics website to find their locations.